Football/Soccer 14 November 2017

Well it all comes down to this!”

Big Jim takes a look the Socceroos chances of booking their spot in Russis…read more

I thought the Aussies put in one of their better performances (for a long time) over in Honduras. The Aussies won’t be ecstatic but they will certainly be happier with the result than the Hondurans.

I think the Socceroos will progress because they have some distinct advantages.

  • They have great depth. Well not great but more than the Honduras.
  • It’s a massive advantage to play the second leg at home.
  • The Aussies have gotten every luxury when it comes to travel and traveling conditions.
  • The Aussies are used to traveling and Hondurans aren’t.

If we get through then the whole “missing out from our group stage in Asia” will be forgotten. To be truthful the extra 4 competitive games can only be a plus. If, however, we lose, the round ball game in Australia takes a massive hit in the guts. Then again this isn’t rocket science is it!

Ladbrokes has the Aussies at $1.62 to win the game in normal time. I think this is the right price but I am going to have a crack at the Aussies to win 2:0 at $6.50. The Aussies will be DESPERATE to get that second goal as 1:1 is an obvious disaster. Go Aussies.

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  1. Opps!!! I agree its A good DARK day for the Socceroos.


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