Rugby Union 17 October 2017

Give us a spell Drew”

Big Jim knows why rugby union is in a world of trouble in Australia….read more

Fox Sports coverage of sport in Australia is reasonable. Not great but it could be a hell of a lot worse. Their rugby union coverage is one of their weaknesses. I nearly fell off my chair this morning when I watched snippets of an interview with Australian Rugby serial pest Drew Mithcell.

Drew Mitchell was an amazing rugby talent that played the Australian Rugby Union as fools for many years. He wasn’t the only one, but he is a long way away from being a poster boy for Australian rugby. So why is Fox Sports getting his opinion on what rugby needs to do to fix their many problems in this country?

Drew suggests that the Australian Rugby Union has spent too much time and money on the top end of Rugby in Australia. He says that we need to concentrate on “grass-roots” rugby over International and Super Rugby. Well, Drew have a look at your bank account and consider that the Australian Rugby Union system has done you pretty well. If, as Drew suggests, this is the problem then every person at the ARU should be shown the door as the International and Super Rugby stocks in this country are shedding their value faster than shares in a stock market crash.

I have said it a million times Rugby Union is an international game. That is its selling point. Make the Wallabies relevant to start with. After that try and fix Super Rugby If you can. That might have been stuffed up to a level that makes it unrepairable already in this country but at least give it a go. All the rest is just window dressing. Make a phone call to Fox Sport and beg them not to ask people like Drew Mitchell for his insights on how to fix the game here in Australia. Drew would struggle to change a flat tire. Maybe Cricket Australia could give Drew a job.

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