Rugby League 9 November 2017

NRL shows em how its done!”
Big Jim gives a big thumbs up to the NRL….read more


It is nice to say something positive. Its especially nice to say something nice about rugby league as they have had a long track record of doing some fairly stupid things. The resent signing of the players/administrators revenue sharing model is a triumph. As far as we know it was all smooth sailing. My guess is that there was plenty of chest beating and disagreement but that was kept out of the press. At the end of the day both the Players Union and the CEO fronted the press locked arm in arm, united as one.


Cricket, soccer, basketball and rugby union are all basket cases when it comes to management at the moment in Australia. Those governing bodies should take a look at the AFL and the NRL. The gap keeps widening as these two just keep kicking goals whilst the rest slowly drown.


On a not so positive note I have very nearly had enough of Jarryd Hayne. I used to love the Hayne Train; Loved him at Parra, loved him for NSW and loved his attempt to make it in the NFL but its been a slippery slope of stupidity since then. Walking out of the NFL, the Fiji rugby debacle and now this joke of a situation at the Gold Coast Titans is just about enough!!! I would be cautious if I was Parra as it appears that Hayne’s personal appraisal of his own self importance is a little……deluded.


The Rugby League World Cup continues on. Can’t wait for it to end. I did enjoy the French’s tough performance in the first half against the Aussies in Canberra. It was a David v Goliath scenario but this time Goliath ended up stomping David into the dust when it mattered.



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