Rugby League 17 October 2017

Cronk a Tri-Colour?”

Big Jim wonders if the Roosters could make things work with Cooper Cronk…read more

The “hot off the press” news in the world of rugby league is that Cooper Cronk might be on his way to the Roosters. This would be really interesting for a host of reasons. Any Sydney team that can land Cronk should take him. That is pretty clear. He is a winner and would be huge a huge win for any franchise both on and off the field.

In regards to the Roosters, you would have thought that a union between the two parties would be the hardest to make work. How the Roosters could afford Cronk would be the first massive question. They already have a bevvy of top shelf players that they have already opened the chequebook to get James Tedesco for 2018.

The press has already come out and said that Mitchell Pearce is still going to be at Bondi come what may. This would be a monumental mistake. If the chooks get Cronk they should only sign him for a minimum of 2 years. If that happens then release Pearce and let someone else pay him.

The NRL should be more proactive in this process. It’s not a great landing spot for Cronk in regards to the NRL. The Roosters already appear like they achieve the impossible in regards to who they recruit. Surely the NRL could be doing some “behind the doors” work to make sure Cronk lands at a more suitable club. If the NRL aren’t operating like this then they should grow up and get with the programme of high level sports administration.


  1. BigJim, Your tips are making me money. You know your sport. I might have to start following American football. At least I won’t have to watch it to bet.

  2. Thanks Jack. Off to a good start to the weekend with the Rabbitohs getting the job done for us.


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