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Basketball  15  June  2017

“Warriors GOAT?”

Big Jim takes a look at how easily the Warriors got the job done against the Cavs.

Well I tasted a little bit of puke in the back of my throat when Steph Curry and Draymond Green lifted the NBA Championship trophy but I have to say that I felt good for Kevin Durant. I would have been happier for KD if he had of done it with any other franchise but he wanted that Ring and that’s what he got. There is no dispute about how important he was in the near clinical display he and his team dished out to the Cavs. Lebron was good but it was really one man against an army.

A good mate of mine who is a passionate basketball lover said he is sick and tired of all of the GOAT arguments floating around. I agree that it really doesn’t matter and after all its not something that you can ever get a definitive answer on but it does keep a hell of a lot of sports fans entertained through out bars right across the world. For what its worth I think this Warriors side is the best of all time. Not nearly but clearly. Jordan’s Bulls were great but it didn’t come close to having the scoring power that the Warriors posses.

Basketball  7 June  2017

Simply…just too good!”

Big Jim looks takes a look at the Warriors dominance through the first two games of the NBA Championship…read more

The Warriors have been unstoppable in the first two games of the NBA Championship. No team in the history of basketball could have stopped this kind of offensive onslaught. Curry has changed the face of basketball forever and no one does it better than the man himself. Yes….when he chews on his mouth guard and when he pretends to hide under a towel all “shy like” when he is on the bench you just want to slap him. No matter how much he annoys with his antics it is nearly impossible to argue with what he brings on the court.

I thought that the Cavs would have some of the answers in Game 2 but with Curry scoring 32 and racking up 10 rebounds and 11 assists maybe the answers just aren’t there. When you add another 33 by Durant (with 5 blocks) and another 22 by Thompson the scenario becomes one of “what the hell, could we have done.”

The party now moves back to Cleveland and its obviously a now or never narrative for the Cavs. I would love to think that the Cavs could orchestrate a way to get back into this but to be truthful it really comes down to how well the Warriors travel. If the Warriors play anywhere close to their best it just doesn’t matter what Lebron and co bring. The Cavs just have to hang tough, play inspired basketball and hope that pressure takes starts to take a little bit of a toll on what at this point seems an unstoppable machine.

Basketball  31 May  2017

Now its time to rock ‘n’ roll!!!”

Big Jim dissects the NBA Championship…read more

Ladies, Gentlemen, children of all ages….the time has come. The whole NBA season really was just hundreds of meaningless games until we once again came down to the main event. I share Kobi Bryant’s view that the Warriors v Cavs was preordained and it is going to be one hell of a event.

The sad thing is that I am usually glued to NBA when the finals when it gets down to the final 8 but my interest this year has been basically non existent until we are now faced with an amazing but inevitable end. The West has got weaker; The East may have slightly bridged the gap, but in saying that there were only two teams fighting it out for the Ring this year and the rest were making up the numbers.

I am not going to lament on the many problems of the lopsided NBA competition instead I will concentrate on what promises to be an amazing re-match of the two big hitting heavy weights. The Warriors are chasing redemption; the Cavs have Lebron…lets take a look!

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors maybe the most complete team in NBA history. They probably surpass the great Lakers, Celtics and Bulls teams that won multiple rings in the past. They were one game away from taking it down last year and that was before they stole Kevin Durant from OKC who is still arguably one of the top 5 players in the NBA. Their depth is beyond belief. If they have a slight weakness its their lack of a really tall power presence at centre but to be truthful is that really a problem? After all Bogut saw precious little game time series last year.

When you have such devastating power down town from Curry and Thompson and then you have Green and Durant playing duel power forward roles then you can be forgiven for thinking that this team is unstoppable. This Championship is the Warriors to lose and nothing short of that Ring will be deemed as a failure for the Franchise. That in itself may be their biggest problem. We all knew this moment was coming, now the Warriors just have to deliver.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Trust in the great man Lebron James. His stat’s up to this point in time are comparable to Jordan and the man is so clearly the best player in the NBA that only idiots would argue. Lebron paces himself through a season and works towards a peak. He will have to be at his very best and will need to be the MVP of this series for the Championship to return to Detroit.

Not only will Lebron have to fire he will need his two generals in Irving and Love to play at their very best. Irving will have to deal with Curry and Thompson on the perimeter and feed consistent quality ball into Lebron on offence. Love may be the man who decides this series. If he can be dominant under the basket then the Cavs are a show. If he shows no “Love” then you can kiss the Cavs goodbye before game 1 kicks off.

Suggested Bets

Ladbrokes has the Championship Winner market at:

Warriors: $1.36

Cavs: $3.20

This is probably right on the mark but I think any team with Lebron starting in a two horse race at $3.20 has to represent value.

If you want to back the Warriors then I would take some of the juicy action Ladbrokes has on offer in regards to the Correct Series Score. I think Golden State to win 4:2 at $5.50 is the pick of the bets. If it goes to 7 games then I really like the Cavs and 4:1 (Warriors) at $3.70 seems much worse value.

So in short….the Warriors should win but strangely they are the team under pressure. If Cleveland get a sniff (and I pray they do) then Lebron and co has the ability to rattle the cage. Whatever happens its going to go down as one of the most awaited NBA Championship Finals of all time.

In more serious NBA news its just a matter of waiting now for the Warriors and the Cavs to tick off the boxes and then we can get down to the long awaited showdown. I CAN’T WAIT….this is going to be one hell of a showdown.

Basketball  22  May  2017

Tinder Improves Play!!!”

Big Jim looks at why NBA teams are winning more games on the road…read more

Tim Haberstoth from ESPN Magazine has come up with an amazing reason as to why he thinks more NBA teams are winning on the road in 2017. Haberstoth says its thanks to Tinder as players don’t have to go out on the town partying up to hook up with hot babes.

Back in the 70’s away teams lost about 70% of the time. It gradually moved closer to the 60% mark during the next few decades but this year it hit an historical mark of 57.4%.

If this is the case maybe the NRL should look at making Tinder its number one sponsor. Maybe their players could benefit from a bit more bedroom work and a bit less of the all night boozing and snorting that they are becoming famous for.

In more serious NBA news its just a matter of waiting now for the Warriors and the Cavs to tick off the boxes and then we can get down to the long awaited showdown. I CAN’T WAIT….this is going to be one hell of a showdown.

Basketball  11 May  2017

Give us a spell Draymond!!!”

Big Jim looks at why Draymond Green should keep his mouth shut and concentrate on basketball…read more

Draymond Green can play basketball. His team makes him look better than he really is, but when he fires, the Warriors have an even more amazing record.

The one thing that Draymond is also excellent at is saying very stupid things. This week on his highlight reel of stupidity he came out and said that he wishes the teams playing the Cavs would play harder. Mr. Green I ask you “might it be that the Cavs are simply a good team? After all they are the mob that beat you in the World Championship last year!”

The other thing which makes this sentiment laughable is that the Warriors themselves have just finished putting the Utah Jazz to the sword in straight sets (without even raising a sweat) just like they did to Portland. So could someone at the Warriors marketing department put a muzzle on Draymond as he is only making himself look stupid.

On a positive slant Patty Mills was inspirational against the Rockets in their overtime win in game 5. It was the first time the Aussie started in a play-off game and he was the Spurs best.



Basketball 8 May  2017

Its time to Harden Up”

Big Jim takes a look at James Harden, his performances during the NBA play-offs and why he is a champion…read more

James Harden is an amazing athlete and deserves equal accolades to the likes of Russell Westbrook. Harden (like Westbrook is starting to understand this year) has had to be a one man show at the Rockets. Without Harden the Rockets wouldn’t have made the play-offs let alone still be fighting it out against the Spurs for a chance to take on the Warriors in the Western Conference Championship.

Cleveland has Lebron, and Lebron is the best. But Lebron now understands (after his first stint at Cleveland) that you have to have talent around you to win Rings. The Golden State Warriors are just an amazing team that has more depth than even the Bulls and the Lakers had at their absolute best. To be truthful the Warriors shouldn’t be allowed to have THAT much depth. San Antonio might not have the “quality” team they had 5 years ago, but they are such an amazing organisation that never fails to have depth coming off the bench.

Poor old Harden just has to go out there and do it all on his own. It was always going to be interesting to see what happened to Harden when he left that awesome Thunder team that could have easily won a couple of Rings. He had to go for a number of reasons but there wouldn’t have been many that thought Harden would mature into the amazingly (responsible) talent that he is today. Maybe it was that beard and the whole “Harden Mojo Brand”, that he had early in his career that made many experts think more “Rodman” than out-and-out Champion leader of men. Its a wonderful thing to see a guy that many thought was never going to live up to his potential exceed it in such amazing fashion both as a player and as a locker room inspiration.

Basketball 24 April 2017

Now We Get Serious

Big Jim has a look at the NBA Play-Offs…read more

At this stage of the NBA season there are usually at least a handful of chances. This year it looks like a race in 2. The cream nearly always rises in this competition and when it comes to “cream” most of it is concentrated in two teams.

Boston, Toronto and the Clippers all had fairytale but they would have needed everything to have gone right. All three have already faced complications. If you are desperate to back a long shot then you could look at Houston and San Antonio. Houston has Harden and San Antonio has an incredible culture which has to give both of them a smokey. At the very least both of these clubs will progress into round 2 and have plenty of end of year experience to call upon.

The two teams that matter are the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors may have the most dominant list ever to play the game. They have players coming off the bench that would be marquee players at most franchises. The major problem about the Warriors from a betting perspective is the price. They have been odds on all season and that isn’t going to change. The only slight negatives is that they will have a tougher time getting through the Western Conference than the Cavs should have in the East. The only other thing is that anything short of a World Championship will be deemed as a failure for the Warriors and that is a fair amount of pressure to deal with.

The other serious contender the Cavaliers have Lebron. Lebron James isn’t like Jordon as he doesn’t bring his A game to every regular season game. Lebron works his way into a season and then “brings it” when it matters. Make no mistake we will see the best player in the game start to dominate when it matters.

What it comes down to is a matter of perceived value. Make no mistake I think the Warriors should win but do I want to take $1.50 about a team that I really can’t stand. The answer to that is no. If you shop around you still should be able to find at least $4.50 about the Cavs to take it down. That seems like value as no team with Lebron should be at that price considering they already have one size 16 already planted in the World Championship decider.

6 March 2017

Basketball   We need the Yanks to tap this tank!

Big Jim looks at the state of local basketball in Australia.

The Perth Wildcats have won this years NBL series. Outside a handful of die hard Wildcat supporters does anyone else care? The irony is the game of basketball continues to grow here in Australia. It has a high participation rate and more and more Australians are getting their chance to play the game at the highest level in the NBA. In general kids love the NBA but couldn’t give a stuff about the NBL. The same goes for big kids like me.

What basketball Australia has to do is throw the bathwater out and look for a new baby. Basketball can be saved but it needs forward thinking. Unfortunately forward thinking hasn’t been the sports strong point in this country. Basketball needs to look at cricket and the KFC Big Bash at how to successfully win the hearts of young Australians. We all have shorter attention spans these days so why not give people something that will be truly appetising.

Australian basketball should have a short season that runs during the NBA off-season. 6-8 weeks with games on every night. Link the sides to NBA franchises and allow the NBA to use the competition as part of their preseason. Then as payment the NBA could send over a few of their stars for cameo appearances. Basketball every night, the odd NBA superstar and brands we identify with. Gee….that just might work!

1 March 17  

How good is too good?   Big Jim looks at the dominance of the Golden State Warriors. Read more…..

My love of NBA basketball continues to grow. I have ALWAYS loved play-off NBA basketball when the boys really come out to play but I am tending to watch more and more regular season games as well. I couldn’t wait last weekend to watch the long awaited return of Kevin Durant to Oklahoma City. The hype and the “cupcakes” lived up to expectation but sadly the game was nothing short of a massacre. I have spoken about Raphael Nadal’s toughness before and Russell Westbrook is without doubt the closest thing the NBA has in regards to a lion hearted warrior. No show boating theatrics from Westbrook like most of his fellow NBA players just tough hard basket ball 100% of the time. I was praying that Westbrook was going to show that pride and self belief can stand up against any enemy. Against the Warriors, however, he was one mere soldier facing an army of immortals.

The Golden State Warriors are too good. They boarded on being to good without Durant last year but now they are stupidly, insanely good. Forget Jordan, Pippin, Rodman and Co this Warriors team would leave that champion Bulls outfit for dead. Its all well and good to see players coming off the bench that would be most franchises best player all in one team but the big question for me is; Is this good for the sport?

In a team sporting landscape where we want long term equalisation and a strong competitive competition a team like the Warriors are just too heavily loaded with talent. The Warriors are quite simply in a different league at the moment. The NBA has to stop this from happening. I hate saying that when I don’t have a solution but I will freely admit that I don’t have the NBA knowledge to suggest how they do this. I make this comment as an emerging lover of the game who desires to watch a 30 team competition not a 1 team competition with the rest making up the numbers.

It appears that the only thing that may stand in the way of the Warriors and this years NBA Championship title is the man they call Lebron. Lebron pulled it off last year and if he could somehow find a way to do it again this year then the Jordan v Lebron discussions should be firmly relevant. Ladbrokes currently has the Warriors at $1.62 and the Cavaliers at $4.33 and every other team in double figures to win the NBA this year. I hate to say it that the $1.62 seems like pretty tasty value. All I can do is put my faith in the basketball God Lebron James and pray for his greatness to bring down the evil empire from the Bay of Gold.

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