Basketball  15  June  2017

Warriors GOAT?”

Big Jim takes a look at how easily the Warriors got the job done against the Cavs.

Well I tasted a little bit of puke in the back of my throat when Steph Curry and Draymond Green lifted the NBA Championship trophy but I have to say that I felt good for Kevin Durant. I would have been happier for KD if he had of done it with any other franchise but he wanted that Ring and that’s what he got. There is no dispute about how important he was in the near clinical display he and his team dished out to the Cavs. Lebron was good but it was really one man against an army.

A good mate of mine who is a passionate basketball lover said he is sick and tired of all of the GOAT arguments floating around. I agree that it really doesn’t matter and after all its not something that you can ever get a definitive answer on but it does keep a hell of a lot of sports fans entertained through out bars right across the world. For what its worth I think this Warriors side is the best of all time. Not nearly but clearly. Jordan’s Bulls were great but it didn’t come close to having the scoring power that the Warriors posses.


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