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Motor Racing  30  June  2017

“Its Hotter than the Battle of Britain!!!”

Big Jim gets excited about the Hamilton v Vettel showdown which is now hotter than a Swedish sauna…read more

I find motor racing as a whole pretty damn boring. The cars go around and around and then finally someone wins. The Moto GP I really enjoy and when it comes to cars its the F1 that reigns supreme. The European Grand Prix was a race that had everything. Aussie Daniel Ricciardo stood atop on the podium but it was what happened behind him that made this F1 season really interesting.

Vettel ran up the arse of Hamilton but there were a whole lot of things that didn’t make the scenario as simple as that. Hamilton was having a big “sook up” about how his car was running prior to him slamming on the brakes in a position that left Vettel with no where to go.

What this all means is that this season is going to get personal and that’s what we want. I will be cheering on Vettal as I cant stand Hamilton as when it comes to “pampered pooches” in world sport Hamilton leaves the rest of his competitors in his dust. At least every race from here on in will be worth watching and every time Hamilton doesn’t win it will be a win for world sport.


Motor Racing  22 May  2017

Aussie Jack Miller walks away!”

Big Jim has a look at some big crashes from the fastest men in sports…read more

I can remember when American motor bike legend Wayne Rainey didnt walk away from a big crash. Mick Doohan nearly lost his leg and Ayrton Senna lost his life. There are countless more stories like this.

Aussie Jack Miller had a horrible crash over the weekend in France and amazingly walked away. Apparently he had brain swelling but got back out on the track and came off again. These guys are tough.

Across the world there were some horrific crashes at Indianapolis the worst of which saw Sebastian Bourdais hospitalised when his car burst into flames after smashing into the wall. It reminds us all of just how crazy these guys really are. Thankfully more and more riders and drivers walk away unscathed these days but no one can deny that the playboys of the sporting world have ice running through their veins.


Motor Sports  15 May  2017

Politically Correct “wankers” out to ruin the party!”

Big Jim looks at the proposed ban on grid girls at the Barcelona MotoGP.

The Catalan political party Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds (ICV) is looking to ban grid girls from the Barcelona MotoGP.

“The role the grid girls play today at the Circuit de Catalunya is not fitting of the 21st century, of a society that aims to be modern and egalitarian” ICV’s Jordi Manilis told a Spanish Radio station recently.

Well thank you Jordi “the moron” for this piece of advice. Lets have a look at the moral implications of what you are saying. You are suggesting that women shouldn’t be allowed to wear what they like. This sounds very much like a Sharia Law position to me. Maybe you think that women should wear a head to toe burqa every time they leave their homes. Why does your party think you have the right to TELL women what they should and shouldn’t do? Last time I checked Grid Girls aren’t rounded up at gun point and made to parade around for men to ogle at; these young ladies decide that they want to get paid to do a job. Doesn’t your stupid party have something better to do than to tell women in general the “standard” of behaviour you “deem” appropriate. This sort of poison oppresses women it doesn’t enlighten them you pathetic narrow-minded cretin.

Grid Girls are a cultural part of motor sports. It isn’t demeaning it is just part of the pageantry of the event. If you don’t like it don’t go!!! I am not a misogynist, far from it. I have two daughters myself and I hope they grow up in a world where they are not told what they can and can not do simply because they are women.

Motor Racing 1 May 2017

Putin watches Bottas record maiden F1 Victory”

Big Jim has a look at the start of the F1 more

Everyone’s favourite dictator Vlad “The Impaler” Putin was on hand at last weekends Russian Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas recorded his first every F1 victory after 101 appearances on the podium without ever reaching the top of it.

F1 racing (with the exception of the Grand Prix Bikes) is without doubt the pinnacle of motor sports. I know that a lot of Aussie (and even more Kiwi) Bogans like to get out and cheer on the Holden v Fords in the V8’s but seriously F1 is where its at. The money is bigger, they go faster, they travel the world, the grid girls are hotter and these guys really do live the playboy lifestyle that should come with being a race car driver.

The problem is that the competition at the very top is nearly always very narrow. This year its the Ferrari v Mercedes Show and these two teams will finish first and second in the Constructors Championship and their 4 drivers will make up the top 4 places in the Drivers Championship. Red Bull Racing are a light year behind the top two teams, but are clearly the next best of the forgettable rest who are just simply making up the numbers. When F1 gets really exciting is when you have at least 4 constructors (so 8 cars) that are genuinely competitive.

The one thing that keeps me tuned in is the hope that Lewis Hamilton won’t finish the race. Sometimes its even better to have one person to cheer against than one person to cheer for. The spoilt brat Brit is always in the running for the Tool of World Sport Award, though he has some staunch competition this year from an even more childish Australian tennis player who will remain nameless.

Well next stop is Spain in a few weeks and then everyone’s favourite Monaco, so its a pretty exciting May. Check out the Big Jim Tips of the Day on the front page of the website for a few hot F1 tips from our experts on all things with motors a day or two before the big race.

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