Motor Racing  30  June  2017

Its Hotter than the Battle of Britain!!!”

Big Jim gets excited about the Hamilton v Vettel showdown which is now hotter than a Swedish sauna…read more

I find motor racing as a whole pretty damn boring. The cars go around and around and then finally someone wins. The Moto GP I really enjoy and when it comes to cars its the F1 that reigns supreme. The European Grand Prix was a race that had everything. Aussie Daniel Ricciardo stood atop on the podium but it was what happened behind him that made this F1 season really interesting.

Vettel ran up the arse of Hamilton but there were a whole lot of things that didn’t make the scenario as simple as that. Hamilton was having a big “sook up” about how his car was running prior to him slamming on the brakes in a position that left Vettel with no where to go.

What this all means is that this season is going to get personal and that’s what we want. I will be cheering on Vettal as I cant stand Hamilton as when it comes to “pampered pooches” in world sport Hamilton leaves the rest of his competitors in his dust. At least every race from here on in will be worth watching and every time Hamilton doesn’t win it will be a win for world sport.


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