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Girls Don’t Cry”

Big Jim takes a look at the Straw weight Women’s Champion fight at UFC 211.

I was lucky enough to catch the Women’s Straw Weight Championship fights last weekend. It featured Polish superstar Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Brazlian Jessica Andrade. It was a brutal five round fight that showed that the girls are just as tough as any of the boys.

There was no doubt that Jedrzejczyk deserved to win the fight and all three judges gave her wins in every round. The first round was close but then it was a clinical and dominant display. The Polish pocket rocket is as gifted a fighter as I have ever seen in any weight or division regardless of sex. She is great with her hands, her footwork is flawless, her jiu jitsu is constantly improving and her kicking is downright lethal.

The biggest story of the fight was the courage of the Brazilian Andrade. After landing a big hit on her opponent in the first round she spent the rest of the fight moving forward only to cop a horrendous beating. Her front leg got so busted up that she had to change her stance at times during the fight. To her credit she kept moving forward regardless of the punishment that was being rained down on her. It was a heroic display by a small young lady that has a heart the size of Pharlap. Considering what a “non-event” the Heavy Weight Main Event was, the young Brazilian stole the nights most memorable performance for her toughness. She definitely deserves another crack at the undefeated Pole and if she can protect her front leg from being kicked apart she has a punch capable of causing a boil-over. Now that’s a re-match I will be tuning into.

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