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Golf 30 October 2017

“A Rosey day as the Dust turns to MUD!”

Big Jim takes a look at Justin Rose’s amazing victory….read more

Justin Rose started the day 8 shots behind Dusty Johnson at the HSBC Championship. In a meltdown that would have had Greg Norman blushing Dusty fell in a pit as the Englishman stormed home with the wettest of sails.

The two players are polar opposites when it comes to mental toughness. Dusty time and time again falls short especially with his putter while Rose is one of those players who has ice running through his veins especially on Sundays. When it comes to ability you would take Dusty every day of the week but Rose has to be one of the most consistent golfers in the modern day game. You won’t go broke backing Rose EW week in week out.

Henrik Stenson hung tough to at least make it a contest but it became apparent that -12 was just never going to cut it. The good thing for Big Jim Wins punters is that we backed Dusty to have a top 5 finish which thankfully he just managed to do. We got a whopping $2.75 about that. Dusty certainly made us sweat a little in the final round but as long as the money hits the bank we have nothing to worry about.

In other golf news, Tiger has had his day in court. The court in its wisdom decided that things like community service, going to courses and meeting with DUI victims were far more painful punishments than hitting him with a large fine. Tiger did cop a $350 fine which I think he will be able to rustle up. Love ya Tiger….I still believe in a comeback.

Golf 2 October 2017

International Flop in the US”

Big Jim looks at the domination of the US team in the Presidents Cup….read more

I find American bashing boring and stupid. I like America and Americans and its an amazing country. They have some crack pot politicians, scary conservative crack pots and plenty of hill billy red neck dick heads; But don’t we have all of these kind of morons here in our own backyard?

From a sporting perspective they have a different culture and its one that doesn’t revolve as much around international sport like other western countries. Its their lack of International competition that makes the Ryder and Presidents Cups special for Americans. The chants of “USA” and “Get in the hole” are annoying but it doesn’t grate on me as much as it like it does on others.

This Presidents Cup in New Jersey could have been renamed the “New York Golf Course Massacre”. To say the Americans were simply in a different class would be an understatement. What an amazing team of young talent they have. Combine that with a couple of wily old veterans they had a team that appeared to be unbeatable on paper and they backed that up with a faultless display that must have left Nick Price a shattered man.

The Internationals were simply no match. The Internationals had a couple of players that are world class but outside of Day and possibly Leishman none of them would push to make the American Team. In two years time this US side will get to test their wares again against the Europeans. I suspect the Europeans won’t fold as easily as The Rest of the World but predicting anything else than a win for the Americans appears to be a pipe dream. This American side is chocked full of young amazing talent that will sit at the top of world golf for the next decade.

Golf 20 September 2017

Leishman has Arrived”

Big Jim takes a look at the BMW Championship and the race for the Fed Ex Cup…read more

Marc Leishman is no longer under the Radar, whatever that tired cliché means. Two weeks ago I was just saying that he always represents good value. Well I hope you listened to me and backed him in the BMW as you might find him A LOT shorter in tournaments in the future.

The young Victorian never looked like doing anything else but winning in Chicago. Its not easy to win golf tournaments and its nearly impossible to lead throughout and never look like getting headed. At different times Day, Fowler and Rose all charged but Leishman stood tough and held his nerve. Big Jim punters also cleaned up on Matt Kucher who we backed for a top 10 finish paying a very sexy $3.75.

Well now the top 30 in the Fed Ex Rankings head down South to Atlanta to battle it out for a lazy 10 Million US. I love the Fed Ex Final as you get two tournaments in the one. Its a field loaded with talent and after the results in the BMW things have tightened up at the top of the leader board.

I will have some tips for the Golf on Thursday in the Best Bets so make sure you check it out then and get on!!! We have had a great year in regards to golf betting so lets hope we can back another couple of winners this coming weekend.

“They are the Young Americans” 6 September 2017

Big Jim takes a look at the golfing landscape…read more

Two exciting young Americans stand at the top of world golf at the moment. We all knew that Jordan Speith was special but Justin Thomas is also showing that he has what it takes to be a future champion. The two of them lead the Fed Ex Rankings with only Dustin Johnson even remotely close in 3rd. Its then over 2000 points back to the likes of Matsuyama, Rahm and Fowler.

The great news for the Aussies is that Mark Leishman sits in 7th position after his third place finish last weekend. The unassuming Victorian has 9 top 10 finishes this year and a victory which is an impressive return. It’s then “Day light” back to Day as the only other Aussie flying the flag.

A good way to bet on Golf is to pick out a player and just keep backing him. Lets say you could get the odds of 40/1 about Leishman in his next 30 golf tournaments. If he wins 1 of those you would be 25% up on return of investment. If he was lucky enough to win two then you would be up just under 300% on return on investment. Golf betting is hard work as there are always a host of chances in every tournament but as you can see by this equation it’s easy to make money if you can ear mark players that CAN win. Leishman is a perfect player to use this method with as he doesn’t enjoy the same kind of profile as some of the other big names in the sport. That equates to getting excellent value about him every time he goes around as the weight of money will always flow through the more well fancied “stars”.

The Presidents Cup is under a month away and even though it doesn’t enjoy the same history as the Ryder Cup it is certainly a credible sporting event. It is FAR and AWAY a more serious event than things like Davis Cup Tennis which is a total waste of time. I think the reason the concept works is because the Americans are starved of international sporting contests. It’s the same reason why Americans are still interested in the Olympics as many other sports mad countries grow weary of it. The Americans will be hard to beat in the Presidents Cup this year but it will make for an interesting weekend of golf especially if its close come the singles on Sunday.

Ladbrokes has the Internationals at $3.75 which seems a pretty juicy price to me. If you take the $3.75 and they get off to a good start you can always lay back on the Americans mid tournament.

Golf  24  July  2017

Lets be fair and Grow the Game”

Big Jim explores the possibility of a change to the golfing Majors…read more

It was great to see the two baldies run the quinella at the Open Championship. Spieth and the Kooch were clearly the two best players over the 4 days and deserved to fight it out. I hope you took the Big Jim advice and got on Spieth and also took Leishman to finish as the top Aussie at the very juicy odds at Ladbrokes.

Breaking with tradition is a hard thing to do. In sporting administration it can get damn nearly impossible as the power brokers who control any given sport are usually old crusty people that have spent their lives dedicated to their chosen sport. They think that tradition is the corner stone of what their sport stands for and that change is a poison. Smart sports like the AFL and the NFL realise you have to move forward if you want to grow the sport. I like tradition but it shouldn’t stand in the way of progress, fairness or what is good for the long term future of any sport.

I love golf majors but I have a problem. The US Masters, The US Open and The British Open should never be touched. They are great, just how they are. The US PGA is the real problem. No one in golfing circles could argue that the US PGA isn’t the poor little brother of the other three. Ask anyone to rate the importance of Golf Majors and you will always get the US PGA ranked at number 4. It is a great opportunity to change a few things in the world of golf. Here are a few suggestions all of which would be a step forward for golf across the world.

  • Change the PGA to the World PGA and open it up to golf courses across the world. Keep 4 Majors.
  • Change the PGA to the World PGA and open it up to golf courses across the world and make the unofficial 5th major, The Players Championship, a legitimate Major and take the total amount of Majors up to 5. This would appease the US PGA by still keeping 3 of the 5 Majors played on US soil.
  • Keep the US PGA, Add a World PGA and add the Players Championship and take the golf Majors up to 6.

Imagine a golf major being played in Australia, South Africa, China, Spain, Dubai etc etc. There would be no other way to increase the popularity of golf across the world so effectively.

Now the argument will be that if you increase the amount of Majors you make them easier to win and diminish their importance. The sport of golf has grown exponentially in the last 50 years across the world. Its much harder to win a Major these days than it has ever been and it will continue to get harder and harder. I have serious doubts that increasing the number of Majors to 6 would see the likes of Nicholson and Wood’s total number of Major wins get swamped. I agree we don’t want to diminish former champions their amazing achievements but Majors were A LOT easier to win when the Golden Bear was strolling the fairways. A better argument for raising the total number of Majors a year to 6 would be that you are levelling the playing field.

Golf  20  July  2017

Cold Winds, Rain and Open Fairways…that’s why we Love The Open”

Big Jim takes a look at the best bets for the British Open….read more

I love the Open. It is clearly my most favourite golf tournament after the US Masters. It sucks that three of the Big 4 Tournaments are held in the US but that is just the way it is and it is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. I just have to keep reminding people of that as I keep hoping that one day the US PGA will become a world tournament.

At the Open you cant be wayward off the tee and you need to be able to judge very long putts to win this tournament. I suppose you can say that about any tournament but when you are faced with insidious long rough and greens the size of football fields there isn’t a tournament like the Open that makes these comments more true. It isn’t just enough to be a solid tee to green style of player you need to hit it close and you need to stop long putts dead.

For theses reasons I tend to steer away from some of my favourite players like Rose, Garcia and Kuchar. I think in general if you are looking for a roughie then you should probably go for a non US player. There are, however, a couple of great US players primed for the Open this year.

My Top Three

Joradn Speith: Ladbrokes price to win The Open $15.00

Just too good a player. He is a winner and as long as he has gotten over his Meltdown at the Masters has the game to win.

Dustin Johnson: Ladbrokes price to win The Open $15.00

Dusty is the one that has the game where he could blow this thing wide open. If his putter doesnt let him down he is a huge chance.

Rory McIlroy: Ladbrokes price to win The Open $19.00

Form and injury are two big issues but if he can overcome those big two issues this is the kind of course that the young Irishman can thrive on.

Best Three Long Shots

Marc Leishman: Ladbrokes price to win The Open $41.00

The solid as a rock Aussie knows all about cold and windy golf courses. If he gets on a roll with his putter WATCH OUT.

Shane Lowry: Ladbrokes price to win The Open $67.00

One of the very solid European golfers at a big price who should feel at home. The harder it gets out there the better he can be.

Francesco Molinari: Ladbrokes price to win The Open $101.00

Inigmatic Italian who should be at home on a course like this. Could charge or could miss the cut. Thats just him but at 100/1 seems like a live chance at a huge price.

Big Jim Exotic Plays of the Day:

Top Aussie at The Open: Marc Leishman: Ladbrokes price $4.33.

I’m not sure that Day is mentally or physically at his peak and I think that Scott’s putting isnt good enough to really challenge. Leishman is solid and conditions suit. Huge price when the top three stand out as clearly as these three.

Duel Forcast (basically a quinella)

Johnson/Speith: Ladbrokes price $126.00

Johnson/McIlroy: Ladbrokes price $176.00

Speith/McIlroy : Ladbrokes price $176.00

Its a long shot but if you want to turn something small into a fortune then this might be your go.

Golf 22 June 2017

Erin Hills or the Royal And Ancient?”

Big Jim looks at the fallout from the US Open…read more

You could be forgiven if you turned on the TV and thought you were looking at a wind swept links course in Scotland instead of the US Open. The US is without a doubt one of the most amazing geographical wonderlands in the world. It was a surprise that the Europeans didn’t seem to handle the jandle as well as many of us may have thought.

It was a strange old tournament as the course was long and the rough was scary but the early rain kept the greens manageable. Koepka landed some good bets and was ice cold when it mattered over the final 9 holes. Matsuyama showed some real fight for once and was the only real charger in the final round. Some of my golfing mates rate the man from Japan and his very solid putting. Ricky Fowler will win one of these once he gets fed up with being a “Sunday softie” and goes out there and takes a final round by the throat.

Kopeka’s win heralded the 7th first time major winner on the trot. Some stupid journos are clinging onto this but in reality they just need to chill out. Its swings and round about’s and the cream will rise again shortly. There are just some good players that have been knocking on the door. Its not as if the likes of Dusty and Sergio hadn’t been banging away for some time. Quality players such as Kuchar, Rahm, Fowler and a host of others still haven’t won a Major but the current big guns of Speith, Day, Johnston, Rose and McIlroy are all capable of going on a tear and winning a couple in a row. Its golf not tennis and its unpredictable.

We had Tiger around for so long and he changed the landscape. We will probably never see another Tiger in our lifetimes so its back to normal where you would have rocks in your head to back any golfer in a major in single figure odds. The best way is to pick out a few of your favorites, stick firm and take about 4 or 5 of them at Ladbrokes every Major. The chances are you will be smiling eventually with a nice healthy pay day.

Golf  22  May 2017

It was a good Day!”

Big Jim takes a look at Jason Day’s return to form at the Byron Nelson Classic…read more

Jason Day is one of those blokes that everyone likes. There just isn’t anything about the guy that is unlikeable. The proud Aussie has been struggling with injury and the sickness of his mother and that has taken its toll on his form. So it was great to see him shoot an imperious 63 at the Byron Nelson Classic on Saturday.

In his post round interview he looked relaxed and most importantly looked like he had really enjoyed himself out there. That cheeky grin and happy demeanour appeared to be back. He said that he was feeding of the energy of the crowd which is a really positive sign from a man that hasn’t appeared to be himself in resent times.

With the US and British Opens not too far away it would be great to have our number 1 Aussie up and firing. Ladbrokes has Day at $13.00 to win the US Open and $11.00 to win the British Open. That will be a very sexy price if he start playing his best golf.

Golf 13April, 2017

One For The Good Guys

Big Jim stands and cheers as Sergio Garcia banishes his Demons, silences his doubters and picks up a new green jacket…read more

Sometimes the sporting gods get it right. After 70 plus consecutive Majors one of the games good guys got the job done and the Masters Green Jacket will be a perfect fit for the likeable Spaniard. Sergio Garcia might be the greatest tee to green golfer of all time but his mental strength and his putter have always stood in the way of that first illusive Major. I never lost hope and now that Tiger looks to be done and dusted Garcia is my number 1 man. Tiger was the greatest ever “clutch” golfer but Sergio is just charismatic and a great guy. His putting is still a hit and hope scenario but he seems to be in a “happier place” than Happy Gilmore these days. The candour and sportsmanship he showed under huge mental pressure during the last two rounds was simply a credit to a man who has been so close so many times.

It was also a huge effort by Rose who pushed Sergio the whole way in an amazing back and forth final round. Kucher and Swchartzel charged from the back of the pack but the two out in front just played inspirational pressure golf and by the final 9 holes it had become a two horse race. Sergio and Rose (both excellent friends for 20 years) are the total opposite in both style and mental composition but both pushed each other by producing booming drives, pin peppering irons and heartbreaking near misses with their putters.

Big Jim was on fire with his Masters selections. In his 6 selections he hit the trifecta with Sergio Garcia (50/1) Justin Rose (30/1) and Matt Kucher (150/1). Not a bad day at the office and if you backed all of his selections Each Way you would need a semi trailer to transport all of your winnings to the bank. All of that aside it was great to see that monkey (with a banana firmly shoved where the sun don’t shine) sent packing off the back of Sergio.

Golf  – 2March 2017

Anything but Dusty!!!

Big Jim looks at the good value chances in the upcoming Masters…Read more

How good is the US Masters. I love the song they play in the coverage, I love the white overalls the caddies wear, I love the drama, the gardens, the history, the crowds, the died waterways, I just love the whole damn show.

Dustin Johnson is on fire but I am going to work around him in the Masters. The Masters is one of those places where his length off the tee isn’t the massive advantage it is on many of the other great “long” golf courses around the world.

So I am looking at good value players that can hit a lot of greens in regulation. I will keep it down to five so let’s have a look at some of the best value bets at Ladbrokes.

Rory McIlroy: $8.00

As capable as any on his day and this is the one he wants more than any other. He would still have nightmares about his final day meltdown a few years back but he has the mental toughness to turn that around. Heads the betting with Johnson and Speith but I think the man from Northern Ireland has the most appeal of the short priced favourites.

Justin Rose: $26.00

Just the most consistent of the English. Not in the greatest form but capable of grinding them into the ground with four solid rounds.

Sergio Garcia: $41.00

Love Sergio. He is a choker when it comes to Majors but so was Mickelson before he finally broke through. He might be the best tee to green golfer in the world and if he can get lucky with the putter then he could challenge. Super value in top 3,4,5 and 10 markets as well.

Best value long shots

Brandt Snedeker: $51.00

Looked to be taking the world by storm a few years ago and then went missing as many do. He is starting to come into a little bit of form and isn’t without a chance if he can find his best. He might put cheeseburgers on the menu for the members next year if he gets the Green Jacket and that would make Big Jim piss himself.

Matt Kuchar: $67.00

The “koooch” has been running like a busted crab recently but he is one of my favourite “baldies”. They should have a Baldie Group at the Masters with Speith, Furyk and Kuchar all teeing off together. Not a bad little group of follicly challenged champs. I am throwing my wig at the Kooch as he is at a great price and has that consistent game that could post four good rounds.

Best value Aussie

Marc Leishman: $67.00

Obviously the big two of Day and Scott are hard to beat but I like how Leishman goes about his business. He also has that bearded cave man appeal which is much more “golf” to me than the chiselled Calvin Klein look of Scott and Day! He has played Augusta well before and has that solidness about his game that can keep him out of trouble. Will also be great value in the “top Aussie” market.


So perfect time to open up a Ladbrokes account here at Follow the links and make sure you have the BIGJIM bonus code and get free bets to have on your favourite golfer in the Masters. Nothing is better than backing a golfer to win a major and nothing makes more of an impact on your back pocket.

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