Cricket 9 November 2017

Bring out the URN!”

Big Jim has a look at the upcoming Ashes…read more


Mitchell Starc’s hat trick times two must have sent shivers down the spine of the Poms. Imagine facing big Mitchell charging in at you with the new pill in his hand. Scary stuff and England should be scared.


England haven’t done anything special in the lead up matches but that doesn’t really mean anything. Its just time in the middle and getting used to the conditions. Its really going to come down to how well Broad and Anderson go. They are both champions of the game but its hard to be at your best when you already have nearly 900 test wickets between you. I think the equation for England is that they need to win 2 test matches. You probably get one draw due to weather which means 2 will be enough. They will be praying for rain in Brisbane and Perth that’s for sure.


Ladbrokes currently has the Aussies at $1.73 to win the first test. That looks pretty inviting to me. The first rule of betting in Test Cricket is stay away from the draw unless the test is in the sub continent or there is an eminent chance of rain over multiple days. Drawn test matches outside of those two scenario’s are rare these days.


My selection for top run scorers and wicket takers are as follows. (Ladbrokes prices)

Top Aussie Batsmen: Steve Smith ($2.75) He is second favourite behind Warner but the Aussie Skipper is due a big summer.

Top Aussie Bowler: Mitchell Starc ($2.25) Seems like money for jam this one. If he doesn’t break down he wins.

Top English Batsmen: Alastair Cook ($3.50) Again this appears to be a two horse race with Joe Root. Cook is a quality player and doesn’t have the captaincy to worry about.

Top English Bowler: Chris Broad ($3.25) I can’t separate Broad and Anderson so I am going for value. Anderson is the one who always takes wickets but Broad is the one who can take big bags. Will go down to the wire.


Golf 30 October 2017

A Rosey day as the Dust turns to MUD!”

Big Jim takes a look at Justin Rose’s amazing victory….read more

Justin Rose started the day 8 shots behind Dusty Johnson at the HSBC Championship. In a meltdown that would have had Greg Norman blushing Dusty fell in a pit as the Englishman stormed home with the wettest of sails.

The two players are polar opposites when it comes to mental toughness. Dusty time and time again falls short especially with his putter while Rose is one of those players who has ice running through his veins especially on Sundays. When it comes to ability you would take Dusty every day of the week but Rose has to be one of the most consistent golfers in the modern day game. You won’t go broke backing Rose EW week in week out.

Henrik Stenson hung tough to at least make it a contest but it became apparent that -12 was just never going to cut it. The good thing for Big Jim Wins punters is that we backed Dusty to have a top 5 finish which thankfully he just managed to do. We got a whopping $2.75 about that. Dusty certainly made us sweat a little in the final round but as long as the money hits the bank we have nothing to worry about.

In other golf news, Tiger has had his day in court. The court in its wisdom decided that things like community service, going to courses and meeting with DUI victims were far more painful punishments than hitting him with a large fine. Tiger did cop a $350 fine which I think he will be able to rustle up. Love ya Tiger….I still believe in a comeback.


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