Golf 2 October 2017

International Flop in the US”

Big Jim looks at the domination of the US team in the Presidents Cup….read more

I find American bashing boring and stupid. I like America and Americans and its an amazing country. They have some crack pot politicians, scary conservative crack pots and plenty of hill billy red neck dick heads; But don’t we have all of these kind of morons here in our own backyard?

From a sporting perspective they have a different culture and its one that doesn’t revolve as much around international sport like other western countries. Its their lack of International competition that makes the Ryder and Presidents Cups special for Americans. The chants of “USA” and “Get in the hole” are annoying but it doesn’t grate on me as much as it like it does on others.

This Presidents Cup in New Jersey could have been renamed the “New York Golf Course Massacre”. To say the Americans were simply in a different class would be an understatement. What an amazing team of young talent they have. Combine that with a couple of wily old veterans they had a team that appeared to be unbeatable on paper and they backed that up with a faultless display that must have left Nick Price a shattered man.

The Internationals were simply no match. The Internationals had a couple of players that are world class but outside of Day and possibly Leishman none of them would push to make the American Team. In two years time this US side will get to test their wares again against the Europeans. I suspect the Europeans won’t fold as easily as The Rest of the World but predicting anything else than a win for the Americans appears to be a pipe dream. This American side is chocked full of young amazing talent that will sit at the top of world golf for the next decade.

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  1. Well the changes you suggest might make watching golf more interesting than watching car bumper bars rust! still you can bet on it without having to watch it.


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