Cricket 17 October 2017

ICC need a stick. A big STICK!!!”

Big Jim takes a look at Crickets new plan to find relevance….read more

The ICC has announced that they are going to make some changes to improve the state of International cricket. This is long overdue but I fear that these may just be empty words or are they actually going to make a difference.

If you are going to have a governing body then it has to have teeth. FIFA might be more corrupt than the mob but at least it has real power. When they control the World Cup and competitions like the Champions League individual countries only defy FIFA at their peril. The ICC has constantly suffered because individual national cricket boards often tell them to stick their suggestions if it doesn’t suit them. This means the whole system can often be nothing short of a whole lot of hot air.

Both forms of International limited over cricket is a total joke. Outside of World Cups games mean nothing. A ranking system has to mean something as well. There has to be some qualification process with a “final” or “finals” at the end. World rankings that don’t mean anything are worthless.

Test Cricket also desperately needs a facelift. I don’t understand why we can’t have a World Cup of Test Cricket. Hold it once every four years where the top 4 teams play a semi-final and then a final to decide the winner. Competitions like the Ashes remain strong due to its unique place in the culture of two countries but don’t be fooled into thinking that test cricket is alive and well.

Cricket is the sleeping giant of world sport. It has huge international appeal and billions of supporters. The problem is that from an administrative perspective the game is toothless and continues to pander to outside interests that hold the game back.

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