Boxing 21 September 2017

One Step forward Two Steps back”

Big Jim takes a look at another black mark against boxing…read more

Just when Mayweather and McGregor offered the sport of boxing a lifeline, the sport came straight back with a left hook that has knocked out fans across the globe. My good mate and Australian boxing legend Jeff Fenech summed it up beautifully by saying that he felt sick after the decision in the Golovkin v Alvarez bout last weekend.

The fight never reached great heights but it seemed that Golovkin had done more than enough to secure the victory. The problem is Golovkin is nearing the end of his career and Alvarez is the far more marketable commodity. ESPN’s, Teddy Atlas didn’t mince his words. “I have no problem saying: they are corrupt! There is no way that you see 118:110 for Canelo.”

Then to make matters even more laughable Bob Bennett of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (after saying Ms. Byrd was a champion stalwart of the sport of boxing) said about the judge in question “she had a bad night. Its unfortunate…”.

What an out and out joke. The sport is back on its knees and it doesn’t deserve a standing 8 count. This was a much hyped fight, that delivered little and at the end of the night a fascicle decision was jammed down spectators throat just to rub salt into the wounds.

This is a prime example of a sport where so many greedy pigs have to eat each other in the process of sticking their greedy snouts even deeper into the slop bowl. I am a boxing fan, I think it has a place, but this fight may well go down as one of the fights that helped sink the sport of traditional prize fighting. Again the big winner is Mr. Dana White and the UFC. If you wanted to write a conspiracy theory you would be forgiven for blaming White for rigging the fight as he is the MASSIVE winner out of this whole sordid mess. The reality is that White runs a squeaky clean, one man show in comparison, where this kind of bull shite doesn’t happen. There is no wonder why every day more and more boxing fans are turning their support to the UFC.


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