Tennis 12 October 2017

A dick head or Mentally Deranged?”

Nick Kyrgios continues on his merry way and Big Jim asks why…read more

Nick Kyrgios is the gift that keeps on giving in regards to sports journos like myself. His recent display in China is something we have all seen before. The same old tired and disgraceful story. He carries on like a rabid dog, throws his toys out of the playpen, storms off the court and then comes out and blames injury.

I always try and call a spade a spade. Nick Kyrgios’s behaviour is currently the worst not just in the tennis world but in the entire world of sport. He might be the worst EVER in any sport. I can’t think of any other sport that would allow this level of arrogance, ignorance, poor sportsmanship and downright putrid behaviour to continue unabated. I suppose he can thank John McEnroe for raising the bar high enough in the past to allow Kyrgios to carry on unabated. McEnroe was bad, but at least he was a fighter and had some degree of showmanship. Kyrgios is neither.

What is even more troubling are his pathetic explanations on social media after he carries on. I have said before that I would have more respect if he just admitted to being a fiery young man with a bad attitude who doesn’t give a stuff what anyone else thinks. He has been fined $40,000 for his actions this week but that is just a drop in the ocean. Rub him out of the game for 12 months and put him on notice that the next step is a lifetime ban.

I just read a very stupid article (with no author) on the Herald Sun website. He described people who take pot shots at Kyrgios as “Haters”. The unknown journo then goes on to do some so-called “hating” himself. So in truth, a hack hypocrite is probably more of an accurate description than a journalist.

It’s not a matter of being a “hater” its a matter of hating what Kyrgios does. He makes ALL Australians look bad. Make no mistake about that. I think the whole “role model” tag that sportsman have to constantly adhere to is a very hard burden and sometimes overplayed, but they do get well compensated for that. Kyrgios suggests to all young sportsman that you can be an abusive arse-hole and a quitter and still be a world-class sportsman making millions of dollars. Sadly 99.99999% of people who play sport in the world at any level aren’t blessed with the amazing talent that Kyrgios has.

To be truthful I “HATE” what Kyrgios stands for as an Australian sportsman and to go further a human being in general. I don’t feel any sorrow for him as an athlete or sportsman whatsoever. The only thing that concerns me is that he might actually be a very lonely and mentally troubled young man. If that is the case then I truly hope that he finds the right people to help him fight his demons. I can’t understand how any sane person with so much going for them, could behave so badly so consistently.

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