NFL is My Bread and Butter

There just isn’t anyone out there who is a better handicapper than me when it comes to the NFL. I have had 12 winning years in the last 13 and finished 95 Units up on my game by game handicap betting in 2016.  On 3 Unit bets I backed 2 winners for every loser. Find someone else with that kind of record and I include all of those so called Vegas Legends that charge you an arm and a leg for a couple of tips every week.!!! If you want to check my record visit  where all of my 2016 bets and predictions are recorded.

Here are my Pre season selections and tips. Last year I selected 6 from 8 divisional winners went at 70% on total Wins Under/Over for the season and ear-marked Atlanta, Green Bay and Houston as my best three bets across all markets. Check out a break down of every team division by division.


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