American Football 17 October 2017

Dad’s Army taught us plenty in Week 6”

Take a look at Big Jims humorous look at what we learnt after Week 6 in the NFL…read more

Another Week of form defying results in the NFL with plenty of the “old guys” getting the job done. Let’s have a look at what we learnt.

  • Green Bays 2017 campaign may well be over. No Rogers makes the task nearly impossible. Can he make it back this year, how good can Hundley be, will GB look to bring someone in? Where’s Romo when you need him. He would be the perfect fit and even though he has moulded well into the broadcast box a call from the Packers would at least get his attention.
  • Philly are on fire and all of a sudden appear to be serious contenders this year.
  • What about those Fins!!! Now they have talent and a pretty good record after playing some very average football. They are one team that can dramatically continue to improve and they still have two bites of the Patriots cherry left to come to prove themselves.
  • Panthers, Bucs and Falcons make it a huge week for the Saints. Brees totally inspirational.
  • What a win win win in regards to the Peterson trade. Saints, Cardinals and Peterson are all smiling.
  • Huge effort by the Bears. Ravens are another one of these impossible teams to work out this year.
  • Brady and Cousins get the job done. Better to win ugly than lose pretty.
  • The Rams @ Jaguars game was a mess. Huge win for the Rams no matter how they got it done.
  • Its something that is overplayed in regards to useful statistics but it really appears the Steelers own the Chiefs. Bell was simply awesome.
  • Goodbye Oakland. What an insipid display by a team that thrilled us last year.
  • I told you that I loved the Giants on Monday Night. The Denver Offence is a rabble. I won’t crow too loudly as if was a tough week for Big Jim and the team with quite a few heartbreak results going against us.
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