American Football 17 November 2017

Big day for the NFC West”

Big Jim wraps up what we learned in Week 10 of the NFL Season…read more

  • Seahawks continued to get lucky on the field but injuries are a big problem. If that D starts to get beaten up then they are gone.
  • Stanton and Peterson weren’t that bad against the Seahawks. The Cards should have won the game and this Arizona team is showing gradual improvement across the board.
  • WHO DAT shaking up the NFC South. The Saints D is now legit. Their O was already legit. In a wide-open NFC the Saints are players.
  • Bills need to keep their ship on the road. There is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel regarding the future but they need to finish this season on a high not a low.
  • Someone has to teach Gruden Jnr what clock management means. Going down 21:17 at halftime is more than manageable. Going to the sheds at 28:17 isn’t so much.
  • This Redskins team creates plenty of drama-filled games. Makes em fun to watch but hard to bet on.
  • Big thumbs up for Jacoby Brissett. He was basically a rookie who came into an average offense and has done good things. He will get a starting gig next year and deserves it.
  • Regardless of results, regardless of their Offence and regardless of turnovers if the Lions D bleeds points to teams like the Browns, Detroit are pretenders.
  • The Chargers lose another game they had in the bag. The had it in the bag about 5 times. It must be a curse as the Bolts butcher more games than any other team combined and they do it year after year after year.
  • If Blake Bortles doesn’t get this team to the playoffs then he can start looking for a backup job next year.
  • Really starting to love the Chargers Defence. That Joey Bosa is a beast.
  • Huge effort from the Pack. They cling onto relevance with a huge Divisional road win. Brett Hundley continues to get better. He will be looking for a full time starting gig next year as well.
  • I love Mr Pineapple in Tennessee. His football team is only JUST traveling. Demarco Murray keeps on giving though.
  • That what you “get” with the “Jets”.
  • Elliot is a big loss for the Cowboys but not prepared to write them off just yet.
  • The Giants are the most disinterested team I think I have ever seen. Someone better tell them that they are playing for contracts next year.
  • Rams keep ticking. Good to watch and they should have Seattle very scared.
  • We learned nothing in Denver. We knew the Pats are good and we knew the Broncos suck before the game kicked off.
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