Australian Football 9 October 2017

Big Moves especially up North”

Big Jim takes a look at some of the big moves already happening in the more

Luke Hodge is a Hawthorn legend. That isn’t going to change regardless. His decision to go and play for the Brisbane Lions next year is a strange one. Hawthorn letting him go was the right move for them; But only time will tell if its a good thing for the Lions and for Hodge himself. Only Hodge could tell you what his motivation really is. If he just loves football so much the thought of not playing was too much to take right now, then good luck to him but that scenario is a little bit too much for me to swallow.

You wouldn’t think it was a money thing for Hodge so the most likely thing is that he is looking towards coaching in the future and is taking the same route in that direction that his former team mate Sam Mitchell took last year. This is a very new approach that can be beneficial but can also be a waste of time and money for all involved. Hodge will offer a lot from a mentoring role at Brisbane but its going to be harder to get up week after week in a team that is still struggling on the field.

Stuart Dew is a bold appointment for the Gold Coast Suns. They were always going to choose a first time head coach but Dew is an interesting decision. You get the feeling Dew wears his emotions on his sleeve and that can make the Head Coaching caper a tough gig. Time will tell and he is going to need a big whip to get the Suns mind on the job.

Jake Stringer looks certain to leave the Dogs. That is good news for the Dogs. That is not to say that Stringer hasn’t got good football left in him but there comes a time when some players need to make a break from their club. The Bombers look like the likely landing spot for the “Package” and that might be a good fit. Some of Jake’s silly antics won’t go down well with John Worsfold so if he is to become a Bomber he better be ready to pull his head in.

Also 2018 will be a perfect time for a double dose of Yellow and Black. You can take Richmond to win the 2018 Flag into Dusty Martin to win the 2018 Brownlow medal for a juicy $35.00 at Ladbrokes even more if you use a Ladbrokes Multi Bet boost. Sounds like a pretty good bet to me!!!

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  1. Im certain we are headed for an all Sydney grand final


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