Australian Football 25 October 2017

Thumbs up for Port”

Big Jim takes a look at Port Adelaide’s excellent recruitment during the trade period….read more

I really like the way Port Adelaide went about their recruitment this year during the trade period. They had a solid year last year with a list that struggled in some certain key areas. What they did do last year, was they consistently beat teams they should have and that suggests a strong structure and excellent coaching.

Their base core from last year remains with Wingard, Westhoff, Wines, Gray, Ryder and Dixon. This is a pretty good bunch but they had real problems with 12-22 last year but this recruitment drive will fix that.

Tom Rockliff brings over 150 games of experience and at 27 still should have his best football in front of him. He was a two time best and fairest at the Lions and he is the tough hard at the ball piece of the puzzle that their midfield needs. It’s not just what he will do but its how he will relieve some of the hard tagging that good teams put on their best midfielders last year. He can do for Port what Prestia did for the Tigers and to be truthful could do it even better.

Charlie Dixon hit his straps last year but he needed help and that is thankfully arriving. I really like what Jack Watts brings to the table for Port. Getting out of Melbourne is going to be a great thing for Watts. The Melbourne culture was toxic for Jack and his move is a win win for both the D’s and Port. He brings experience and he is another one that should still have his best 3-4 years of football in front of him. Watts needs to play the second tall forward role and he is perfectly suited to that. He is also going to enjoy a more stable midfield than he ever had at the Demons.

Steven Motlop is the wild card. Geelong had been shopping him around for a few seasons and finally got rid of him. It was the right move by the Cats but it might be a shrewd pick up by Port. Motlop is one of these players who is a world beater one day and then goes missing in action the next. Hinkley is the perfect coach to change that and if Motlop can find consistency then he could play a pivotal role in a forward line with plenty of teeth.

Port loses Trengrove, Ah Chee, Young, Lobbe and Austin which are all expectable losses. The one that probably hurts the most is the loss of Jarman Impey but the move from pick 68 to pick 34 is significant and certainly softens the blow.

Time will tell but I give Port Adelaide an A and the biggest tick for their trades this year. They bring in 3 quality players and if they find a ready made one in the draft they all of a sudden have a very strong core that can see them push for a top 4 spot next year.

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  1. Im certain we are headed for an all Sydney grand final


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